A large number of journals and magazines of educational importance are subscribed to the library. National and local daily newspapers are also subscribed. The library has a rich treasure of books pertaining to various subjects. A number of general books are also available in the library. A well furnished adequately illuminated airy reading room with seating capacity of about 80 students is available for the students

Library Rules & Regulations:-

  • All books from library shall be issued on the production of identity card to the members.
  • Two books shall be issued to each students at a time.
  • Books shall be issued for a period of not more than two weeks.A fine of Rs.1/- per day per book shall be charged for not returning the books in time.
  • The periodical and journals shall not ordinarily be issued to the students.
  • The library will remain open during the entire working hours of the college.
  • Books torn out, mutilated or lost shall be charged at double the cost of the book.Alumni can have access to Library after permission.
  • Membership of the library is restricted to staff & students of the college including alumni.
  • The staff members shall be allowed to borrow not more than ten books at a time. They may retain books for one month for the subjects they teach.
  • The books can be got re-issued after a gap of two weeks.
  • Any student found guilty of stealing , damaging or misusing the library books shall be penalized and dealt with sternly.
  • Smoking, entertaining guests, taking refreshments and loud talking in the library are strictly prohibited.
  • A code of strict silence shall be observed in the library